“Quiet people have the loudest minds.”

- Stephen Hawking


My name is Joanna Kwong

 I am a visionary and a creator.

I’m a graphic designer for both print and digital mediums. I enjoy challenges and strive to turn visions into realities by using my experience in design and strategic thinking. My best skill is transforming boring but essential information into interesting and readable content, which as a result, puts similes on clients’ faces.


I love the art of visual storytelling and arranging elements on a canvas while making sure the work is presentable and translates the message across efficiently and effectively. I have a talent in colour and typography, and am also a bit of a perfectionist.


When ideating concepts, I’m constantly considering how the audiences will experience and interact with the work. It is important to find a balance between form and function, and design is more than just choosing the trendiest colour, typeface, shape, and images; instead, a good design is about building brand integrity and persuades an audience.

If you’re interested in my work, feel free to shoot me an email :)

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